Object-Oriented Software Engineering

This is an archived version of https://www.jhu-oose.com that I (Leandro Facchinetti) developed when teaching the course in the Fall of 2019. Some of the links may be broken.

Assignment 4: Implementation · Server

Working on the Assignment


In Lecture 4 we started to implement a new feature in TODOOSE: the ability to see items that were marked as completed, as opposed to just removing them from the list forever.

For this assignment you must complete the implementation of the server.

Watch the video of the lecture. Go through the Issue, its corresponding Pull Request, and the project board (look at Iteration 4). Go through the code base on the show-completed branch, which contains TODO comments you must fill in.

Here’s a video on how to work on TODOOSE and submit your assignment, now that we need to do more substantial changes to the code base:

Here’s checklist of what you need to do:


⚠️  Your assignment is submitted only when you submit the form below.


For example, jhu-oose-example-student.
Don’t include an @ sign at the beginning—this isn’t a mention.
GitHub identifiers do not start with 2019-student-.

For example, 48092726db45fd4bcde21e3712ac2d8e4a094797.
Graders will look at the code base as of this commit.
The code base as of this commit must include the filled in template at assignments/4.md.
You may find the commit identifier on the commits page at https://github.com/jhu-oose/2019-student-<identifier>/commits/master. Usually you want the most recent commit.

Anonymous Feedback on Lecture 4





Anonymous Feedback on Assignment 4





⚠️  Don’t submit this form multiple times.

If you run into problems, send an email to assignment-submission@jhu-oose.com. Include the information about the submission: your GitHub Identifier and the Commit Identifier. Don’t include any information about the feedback—it’s anonymous.