Object-Oriented Software Engineering

This is an archived version of https://www.jhu-oose.com that I (Leandro Facchinetti) developed when teaching the course in the Fall of 2019. Some of the links may be broken.

Lecture 0: Project Proposal

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Project Ideas

Project Proposal

Welcome to OOSE

The Project Proposal We Wrote Together in Class

⚠️  The only person who may use this project proposal for his Assignment 0 is the original author of the idea, and even him has to flesh this out significantly.

Time = Money

Elevator Pitch

People are addicted to technology. Time = Money is an app in which you bet that you won’t waste time in the computer. If you manage to do it, you get your money back, plus some extra, otherwise you loose.


Addiction to technology.

Introduction to Domain


⚠️  I don’t like how the list below turned out. It wasn’t suppose to just list features—that’s what the features list below is for. It was supposed to be more like: “People will bet their money on being able to stay away from technology, which will help with their addiction. According to this research paper <insert research paper here>, this sort of approach has been successful with other kinds of addictions.”

Architecture Overview



Desktop Tray Widget

Desktop Tray Widget

Desktop Dashboard

Desktop Dashboard

User Stories

As a person betting on the application, I want to spend five hours out of the computer today, so I click on bet money, and maybe I get a notification after so many hours have passed.





Proof of Concept


This project is sufficiently interesting because we have to track hours, and we show notifications, and we have to solve this interesting technical problem that is receiving money online without being hacked…

Market Research




We played fast and loose and created the roadmap for this application in the TODOOSE repository.