Object-Oriented Software Engineering

This is an archived version of https://www.jhu-oose.com that I (Leandro Facchinetti) developed when teaching the course in the Fall of 2019. Some of the links may be broken.


Code of Conduct

We follow the Contributor Covenant.

The “project” is the course, the “project maintainers” are the staff, and the “contributors” are the students. Violations must be reported to code-of-conduct@jhu-oose.com.

Academic Integrity

We follow the Academic Integrity Code by the Department of Computer Science at the Johns Hopkins University.

You may discuss ideas and strategies for solutions with other students, but you must not share answers. For example, you may scribble an algorithm on the board together, but you must not share code. You must mention the students with whom you collaborated. You must include a citation to any material that you reuse, for example, snippets of code found on the web, diagrams found on books, and so forth.


  % of Final Grade
Individual Assignments 25
Quiz 15
Group Project Iterations 25
Group Project 35

Individual assignments and group project iterations are weighted equally. For example, if there are 11 assignments throughout the course, then each assignment contributes to 25% ÷ 11 = 2.27% of the final grade.

Generally the grades for group project iterations and the final grade for group project are the same for all group members, but we may adjust grades for members with outstanding contributions or outstanding bad behavior.

Late Submissions

Individual Assignments: You have ten late days to use throughout the course. You may only use late days during the Grace Periods. Late days are indivisible, for example, a submission that is one hour late uses one late day. We don’t accept submissions after the Grace Periods or when more than ten late days have been used.

Group Projects: We don’t accept late submissions for group project iterations. If you are unable to contribute to an iteration, you must make arrangements with your group advisor and other group members.

Differences Between EN.601.421 (Undergraduate Students) and EN.601.621 (Graduate Students)

Some tasks that are extra credit for students in EN.601.421 may be required for students in EN.601.621, and group projects by students in EN.601.621 are held to a higher standard.