Object-Oriented Software Engineering

This is an archived version of https://www.jhu-oose.com that I (Leandro Facchinetti) developed when teaching the course in the Fall of 2019. Some of the links may be broken.

TODOOSE: Building an Application from Scratch

Code Base

Session 0: Welcome

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: API Specification

Session 3: Pull Request

Session 4: Web Server

Session 5: GET Items

Session 6: Create New Item

Session 7: Start Client

Session 8: Start with React

Session 9: Render in React

Session 10: Connect Client and Server

Session 11: Styles

Session 12: Connect to Database

Session 13: Connect the Database to the Application

Session 14: Unit Testing

Session 15: Continuous Integration

Session 16: Update Javalin

Session 17: Deploy to Heroku

Session 18: Project Planning

Session 19: Integration Testing

Session 20: Housekeeping

Session 21: Mark Items as Done

Session 22: Finish Mark Items as Done

Session 23: Edit Items

Session 24: Reviewing

Session 25: Finish CSS and Start Extracting Repository from Server

Session 26: Finish Extracting Repository

Session 27: Fix Race Conditions and Extract Controller

Session 28: Extract React Components

Session 29: Fix Postman Tests and Mount React Application Properly

Session 30: Fix Edit Description and Extract Event Handlers

Session 31: Final Touches